Apr 18, 2010

Easter in Africa

On Easter Sunday, children from surrounding villages gathered at Kushibo Village, home of Heritage Baptist Church, to celebrate Jesus at an Easter Camp.

These children are part of the Good News Club, a child evangelism program which is overseen by Pastor Ziblim Mohammed and led by Pastor Issah, that reaches out to Muslim children living in remote mud-hut villages.  The program has grown to over 350 children.

In the words of Pastor Mohammed:

Today many children are coming to church to hear the gospel, and Pastor Issah and I work tirelessly to make sure we train them to know the Lord and remain in Him. Continue to pray for us to be strengthen and that God will provide the needs of this ministry.

Apr 9, 2010

A Church for Zugu

For over a year we have asked the Lord for a church to be planted in Zugu village, which is predominantly Muslim.  Here is our latest report from IHH Missionary Pastor, Ziblim Mohammed. 

As I was trying to share with you on the part of the survey done in Zugu village....95% of the people responded with faith that we should come and start Church in the community whilest other few who are devout Muslims says no,but since the majority carry the vote i can say with confident that we have already won the victory,because devil is a liar.

Let me disclose this man's name to you so you can pray for him. He is in the person of Alfa Iddrisu. He is muslim leader in Zugu community and he was not happy of our survey and plans to start a church in the community,but the chief as you know him was very happy and even most of his cabinet members express their happiness to see a church in the village. However, some of the old age says they are too old to become Christians,but we ask the question whether if their children want to accpt Christ they will allow them,and most of them said the will give their families freedom of worship except some few who said they are born Muslims therefore they cannot be born again into Christ. Pray also for such people.

Pray also for such people.