Nov 29, 2009

Update on Starving Children

As reported by Pastor Mohammed of the Northern Region of Ghana, West Africa:
My fear was that those children might have die before June 2010,but now by God's grace i have hope that they will not die because they are growing stronger each day,so there are situations which we can not wait.

As reported by Dr. Kuubiere of the Northern Region of Ghana, West Africa:

Both have improved remarkably

Nov 22, 2009

Please be aware that some of the pictures in this post are graphic and disturbing.  Guard your heart.

This has been a very difficult post to write due to the sensitive subject matter that it contains.  Sometimes there is a fine line between exploitation and information sharing and this is one of those times.  After much prayer and consideration, I felt like this story was one that needed to be told.  My prayer is that the harsh reality of what you see and read will break your heart and open your eyes to the plight of the widows and orphans in this world.  These are real mothers who are hurting for their children.  These are real children who are in physical pain due to lack of food. 

In recent weeks, my dear friend, Pastor Ziblim Mohammed, has been surverying widows in several surrounding villages in order to assess their needs.  He is serving on behalf of IHH to develop and implement a Widow Care Program that will be launched very soon.  In the village of Zugu he found a young widow with 2 very sick children, both of whom could no longer walk due to severe malnutrition. 

Without going into every detail, I will tell you that in a story that only God would write, those children were taken to a small private hospital in a nearby village to be taken care of.  They arrived in critical condition and were immediately given liquid nutrition and medication for malaria and chest infections.  After becoming stabilized, they were returned to their mud-hut village.  Pastor Mohammed then traveled another 2 hours to get them some nutritional food from the local market. He will continue to monitor their progress and make sure they are fed.

These children, by the grace of God, are going to survive.  Many others will not.

Please join me in praying for these children.  They are Muslim, but now they have heard about Jesus.  Thank you, Pastor Mohammed, for sharing God's love with them.

Adijah, age 1 1/2

Ishawu, age 4 yrs.

Widow Salamatu

This is pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father, to visit orphans and widows in their distress.  James 1:27a

Nov 7, 2009

Baptism in Tarikpaa

Dear Brethren,

"In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents." Luke 15:10. There is much joy in Shalom Baptist Church in Tarikpaa over the 18 young men and and ladies who have accepted the Lord as their savior and Lord and are added to the Church, i therefore called you to rejoice with us as we celebrate the victory of these people salvation,I spent three months teaching them in the enquerer class even when i was in seminary, and this is the result we are seeing today.When they heard that i was going to leave Accra and come to Tamale to work as home missionary,they were happy and said they will wait for me to come and guide them in their final decision ,making and arrange their Baptism.Upon my arrival in the North i organized them,thought them on two Sundays and then interviewed them to make sure they realy understand what they were doing, finally i called Rev.Isaac Issah Wuni, the principal of the Northern Ghana Baptist Theological Seminary and the senior Pastor of Koinonia Baptist Church in Tamale to come and Join pastor Stephen Napari of Shalom Baptist Church to officiate the initiation ceremony.

I am therefore sending you the pictures of Rev. Wuni and Pastor Stephen with some of the candidates and the candidates group picture.This is a confirmation that we are being obedient to the Lord's command in Matthew 28:19-20.I therefore call you to pray with these ones to grow in the Lord as i spend another time of teachings with them.

I want to assure you that if you can pray with Shalom Baptist Church and I as a missionary, i tell you the truth we will put the devil to shame, so even if you don't know what to do in order to support our ministry of evangelism and Church planting among the Dagomba people group in the North,but do as a favor to remember us in your prayer,that is very crucial to us.
I also want to use this opportunity to thank those of you who partner with us in prayer,encouragement and support this ministry financially,may the good Lord bless you,i encourages you to keep it up and continue the good work you are doing, because what you have seen is the reult of your prayer and support, I appeal to all our mission partners and those who think God has called them to rescue the perishing to join the Shalom family and pastor Mohammed to reach out to the unreach people groups in the North, especially the remote villages in the Savelugu West Corridor.

Thank you for now,

Pastor Mohammed, Missionary, Tamale Mission Field.