Dec 31, 2009

Hungry No More

These pictures speak for themselves.  And yes, this IS the same child.

Thank you to the anonymous donor who helped save the lives of these children. 

October 2009 Photograph - unable to walk due to malnutrition

December 2009 Photograph - beginning to crawl

There are others.  Click here if you want to help.

Dec 28, 2009

Widow Program Launched

Please click here to read about the IHH Widow Care Program that will benefit widows in the Northern Region of Ghana, West Africa.

Dec 15, 2009

Good News Clubs

Dear Beloved in Christ,

Indeed,this is Good News to all!

I am sending you a report and photographs of the club's activities in Sankpem,one of our preaching station and mission field.On Sunday 13th December 09,Shalom Baptist Children moved with Pastor Issah to Joined the children of Sankpem to begin Xmas celebrations. They held Church service with the believing and unbelieving children in the community. A guest pastor named Niendow preached about the incarnation of Christ,after which they eat a common meal together.  Later in the evening I joined them on the field to play games.The pictures you see are taken on the field during the games,you can see younger ladies line up for soccer and ampe games,pastor Issah also joined and lead the children to sing as you can see.

In my Mission Strategy Plan,this club is an advance team, they go with games which attract the attention of non-christian children,they also do Bible story telling,Scripture memorization and many more.I want you to pray for this club,because it exists to reach out to non-Christian children in ten (10) villages surrounding Tarikpaa.

As you pray think about these things:1. Soccer balls,currently the club has 10 soccer balls,but it will need more as we plan to extend to many communities. 2.jumping ropes. 3.Jessey (for kids) 4.Learning materials 5.Evangicubes.6.Funds.We all agree that the club cannot function well without money,especially it involved movement,Shalom Baptist Church children walks about six miles on foot to join their colleague children in other villages,if there is fund we can higher a bus for them so that they don't become too much tire of walking, even sometimes they reach home late in the night,you can imagine how dangerous to walk in bush area like our place, but the children are happy always to go out for this evangelistic programmes.I share this with you so can pray more for God to use these children in order to draw many more children to His kingdom and raise support to carry out the programmes successfully.

Our next Village is Kushibo,Kushibo is an Islamic stronghold,but the Christian children there are very active, Good News Club has planed to do programme there on the 26th of December 09,pray that there will be a turning point in this community after the programme.

Thank you,

Your co-laborer in the gospel,

Pastor Mohammed.

Dec 9, 2009

A New Life. A New Name

In Ghanaian culture, names are very important and carry great meaning.  The name is kept a secret until the Outdooring Ceremony, where friends and family gather to celebrate the birth of the child.

The birth of this child is especially meaningful because this family lost a 6 yr old daughter a year ago to malaria.

Posted by Pastor Ziblim Mohammed

Beloved Brethren,

It was a joyful celebration as believers gathered together on Monday morning to celebrate God's goodness and faithfulness to us as a family in Christ. As Dorcas and I was praying for a name that will be given to the newly born baby boy into our family, God gave us this name, Hanani.

Hanani is a Hebrew name and the meaning is Yahweh is Gracious. His Dagomba name is Chalpang,meaning forgive. Hanani was a brother of Nehemiah who reported the return exiles to Jerusalem reproach to Nehemiah. He was also one of the family leaders during the time of rebuilding the wall.

Pray that God's gracious hand will be upon Hanani and he will grow to Love and serve God with fear all his life on earth.

Thank you for your prayers in advance.

Pastor Mohammed